RadiantLink | How Heated/Cooled Concrete Floors Work to Create “Hygge”
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How Heated/Cooled Concrete Floors Work to Create “Hygge”

RadiantLink warm floors

01 Feb How Heated/Cooled Concrete Floors Work to Create “Hygge”

RadiantLink infloor heating radiant warm floors

Heated Concrete Floors build warmth and coziness into a home.

The Danish are said to have it all.  And, despite its dreary weather, Denmark took the top spot on the United Nation’s World Happiness Report in 2012, 2013 and 2016 (it came third in 2015, behind Switzerland and Iceland). The reason for their happiness is found in the strange word “hygge” pronounced ‘hug gah’ which the Danish say is a term for a cozy life.

Hygge does not just happen – it is woven into all aspects of the Danish life including how they design their homes.  Warmth is very big part of the concept and with a few small shifts in the Canadian design we can turn our cold damp basements into a hygge retreat.


Building Hygge into your homes starts with warm concrete floors and radiant heating.

Warming a concrete floor is the best way to create warmth in a home.  Since the 1970’s Canadian families have turned to the basement for more space. Basements have five sides that require heating and embedding pex piping in the floor or the walls shift that space from damp and cold to warm and cozy.

Embedding the pex piping into the concrete and using RadiantLink to warm the home will cost the average homeowner about $7000. Creating a warm basement is real estate worth investing in.  Installing the pex piping in to the floor or the walls will bring much Hygge into your home. Our happiness is woven into the spaces we live in.  For more information about inwall heating see our blog Do It Yourself Project – In-Wall Hydronic Radiant Heating

RadiantLink heated soaking tub with dog

Think about your soaking tub when designing your Hygge dream home.

As Canadians, we know the feeling of a cold basement and a cold tub.  We understand that pain of sliding into a tub only to face the coldness next to our back.  Installing about $25 of pex piping at the right time and the right place can remove that sting of the cold tub.

Wrapping the tub with warmth using RadiantLink is a small design shift with a big impact.  That is hygge – living life and enjoying the small moments.  Our blog Dreaming of a new bathroom? Create ‘Bare Foot’ living in your bathroom renovation with Heated Floors  also has information about the value of wrapping your tub with warmth.



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 RadiantLink floor warming

Less is more when using the concrete slab to cool your home

Hygge happiness is created during the winter and the summer months with energy efficient homes. We are very proud of RadiantLink’s ability to cool a home during the hot summer months.  The pex piping installed into the concrete floor absorbs the coolness of earth.  This coolness can be moved from your basement to the warmer rooms of the home.

Air conditioning is part of your HVAC system that draws a great deal of electricity.  Not having to turn on our air conditioner and using RadiantLink to cool your home –   just helped with your carbon foot print.  Small shifts of installing pex piping – that cost between $1 and $2 a square foot – have big impacts on our happiness.  Less really is more and that is why the Danish have found their “hygge”.  Now it is our turn, Canada. Form more information on how much RadiantLink cost to install contact our contractors – see our blog Contractors who Install RadiantLink (In-Flooring Heating) in Regina, Saskatchewan and Region


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