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31 Mar RE – Thinking Challenge

RE- thinking is a great place to start for Climate Change solutions We had the opportunity to share the work that was being done for the 'Blanket of Warmth' project with students at a local school. We began the presentation with a paper challenge. Students were given one piece of paper to build a structure to hold text books....

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15 Feb Blanket of Warmth Project Exceptional Engineering Award APEGS 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd2lKQ7khNo On Star Blanket Cree Nation more than 60% of the homes have thermal comfort and air quality issues.  Upon a chance meeting, Wendel Starblanket brought to the attention of MacPherson Engineering his concern for poor air quality and the cold, damp basement in his home.  He was concerned about the impact on his and his wife’s health.  He was also...

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29 Jul Blanket of Warmth Project

SABmag - Canadian Green Building Awards We are honored to share that the Blanket of Warmth Project has been awarded a Canadian Green Building Technical Award. https://sabmagazine.com/current-issue/ Jury Comment: “This simple, affordable and highly transferable design solution to the substandard indoor environmental quality in much of the First Nations housing stock across the country, is notable for its collaborative approach...

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RadiantLink floor warming save energy

18 Oct Climate Change or a Climate Renovation?

Climate Change seems to be the topic of discussion these days and the question - is it real or is it not ? -does come up. In the most recent article published by the Professional Edge Issue 169 July/August (which is published for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo scientists of Saskatchewan) states “Scientist and engineers who have been studying air quality...

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RadiantLink in wall heating

03 May Does the Comfort of our home affect the psychology of our community?

The City of Regina as with many cities across Canada are asking those really hard messy questions - can we build healthier communities with smarter affordable home design. To date  we have designed our homes to be warmer by increasing the thickness of the insulation and or improving the windows.   And here is where the messy question come up time...

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08 Apr Hydronic Infloor Heating for the Cottage – Comfort, Size and Cost do matter

If you are building a new cottage or planning on renovating, we at RadiantLink are here to help you with designing your infloor heating systems.  For concrete floor or basement applications, we can also help you to use the cool concrete to cool the rest of the cottage.  Creating comfort for your cottage is what we specialize in. Comfort Matters The...

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RadiantLink hydronic heating and cooling

22 Mar How to design a cozy Cottage – HVAC 101

As Canadians there is nothing more exciting than dreaming about spring, especially as the last blizzard rolls through.  We often start to think about time at the cottage… and those dreams may include a new cottage or a renovation to the current gathering place. Here at RadiantLink we want to share the choices you have when it comes to building comfort...

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RadiantLink In wall heating

07 Mar Do-It-Yourself Inflooring Heating Part 2

Do-It-Yourself Part 2 We are really proud of our do- it- yourself project for our basement renovation.  We want to share the work we have completed to date.  This weekend we will be connecting the in-wall heating system to RadiantLink. As mentioned in the first do-it-yourself blog Do It Yourself Project – In-Wall Hydronic Radiant Heating- basements are very much the energy...

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01 Mar Five Things to think about when choosing to warm your home with a space heater and how infloor heating will save the day

Five Things to think about when choosing to warm your home with a space heater. While shopping at Costco before Christmas I noticed SaskPower had a display booth for energy efficient light bulbs.  On the same display Costco was selling indoor heaters.  The purpose of this blog is not to criticize a product but to be curious and ask the hard...

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