RadiantLink | The Product
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The Product

RadiantLink hydronic floors

A New Form Of Radiant Heating

RadiantLink is a modern form of radiant heating. The patented technology attaches to your existing furnace and makes use of its warm forced air. Once your furnace’s warm air passes through RadiantLink, it heats the liquid to be used for radiant heating. The warmed liquid is then quietly pumped through installed plastic tubing laid within the concrete or drywall of your home’s floors and/or walls — wrapping your home in warmth. For more information about heated floors/walls check out our blog Hydronic floor heating vs electric floor heating

Easy + Affordable Install

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice affordability for sustainability. With our product, what’s old becomes new again. With a simple upgrade to your existing heating systems, you too can wrap your home in warmth at a reasonable price. Installation is effortless for any certified plumber or home renovation expert. See our list of contractors in Regina who install RadiantLink and our blog Contractors who Install RadiantLink (In-Flooring Heating) in Regina, Saskatchewan and Region.  They simply attach our product to your furnace and installed in-floor / in-wall pex tubing. Contact our installers for an evaluation of your home and quote today. If you’re interested in do-it-yourself (DIY) options, visit our blog and check out our DIY post.

Hyrdonic heating warm floors
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Reduce Your Energy Bills & Environmental Footprint

Let us take the chill out of your basement this winter and soften your carbon footprint at the same time. For more information about our carbon footprint check out our blog 5 Ways In-floor heating can save the Planet  Most homes that use a traditional HVAC system deliver a cold Canadian basement. With RadiantLink, you can expect to see average energy savings of $500 a year or more. Savings in your wallet equate to a reduction in your overall energy output. For the summer months, RadiantLink has a reverse cooling system as well. Keeping areas of your home that are traditionally hot at a cool & comfortable temperature – reducing the run time of your air conditioner. Don’t believe us, check out some of our awards for sustainability and innovation.

Warm The Entire Home, Not Just The Floors

RadiantLink is an innovative twist on your traditional HVAC system. When most homeowners think of in-floor heating, they envision piping embedded within their concrete floors. Our product allows for flexible piping to also be installed in your basement walls with the same energy efficiency of in-floor systems. Do It Yourself Project – In-Wall Hydronic Radiant Heating  With the ability to warm 1,500 square feet on average, you can wrap everything including your basement, garage, kitchen & bathroom tiles, towel racks and your soaking tub in warmth. Talk with our installers about your renovation or new home construction project.Contractors who Install RadiantLink (In-Flooring Heating) in Regina, Saskatchewan and Region  

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