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Experience RadiantLink

RadiantLink™ is a heat transfer system that attaches to your furnace to deliver radiant in-floor / in-wall heating. This Canadian technology is a simple, affordable and efficient means to provide luxurious warm floors to new and existing homes. Bring down those costly energy bills, improve your environmental footprint and wrap your home in warmth.

Your Feet Will Thank You

Built for the Canadian climate, designed by Canadian engineers.

Love the Man Cave

Rediscover your home. Turn that freezing cold man cave basement of yours into your new favourite cozy space.

Custom Solutions

RadiantLink is completely customizable. Warm your basement, garage, towel racks, soaker tub and more.

The Product

RadiantLink simply attaches to your regular furnace. Once connected, the existing furnace’s heating system and patented product work together to deliver an ultra-efficient form of radiant heating or cooling – wherever you choose in your home.

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Plumbers ♥ Us

We have many experienced installers throughout Canada already using our product with ease. Plumbers find our installation to be easy to learn and painless to install on any furnace.

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