RadiantLink | Climate Change or a Climate Renovation?
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Climate Change or a Climate Renovation?

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18 Oct Climate Change or a Climate Renovation?

Climate Change seems to be the topic of discussion these days and the question – is it real or is it not -does come up.

In the most recent article published by the Professional Edge Issue 169 July/August (which is published for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo scientists of Saskatchewan) states “Scientist and engineers who have been studying air quality and climate have come to a conclusion about climate change: it is real and it is man-made. https://www.apegs.ca/Portal/Pages/Professional-Edge

Before you go into a full blown anxiety attack knowing we are in climate change please know that there are amazing people at work as we speak.  Knowing what we are up against is the first stage of turning this challenge around.



Climate Change and our Saskatchewan Footprint

The average Canadian emits 21 tons/year of CO2, here in Saskatchewan our carbon footprint is 67 tons/year.  Oocch, how did we rack up such a big CO2 allowance?

In 2013, Saskatchewan emitted 74.8 million tons of CO2 equivalents (74.8MtCO2e).  The single biggest culprit is “General Energy” use coming in at 59.5Mt Co2e.  General Energy Use includes emissions from transportation, public electricity and heat production as well as fugitive emissions.   Now that we have the data – we have a place to start. https://www.apegs.ca/Portal/Pages/Professional-Edge

Climate Change or a Climate Renovation

We in Saskatchewan do have a heavy footprint.  Is climate change hard?  No – think of it as a big renovation project.  And with any renovation project collaboration and communication are key.  It all starts with a small shift in thinking – a soft nudge and we can change our footprint.

Infloor heating and climate change

Nudging to a Greener future.

The shift is starting – we are moving to soften our carbon foot print.  It all started with a nudge.   There is lots of great work being done:

1.     Transportation – The University of Regina and the University of Saskatoon have built in a bus pass in the tuition fees.  And there is good news there – students are using public transportation.

2.     Public Heating and Electrical Use – Here at RadiantLink we are working with industry leaders to study Infloor heating and Infloor cooling.  The data that is coming in shows promise for reducing our draw of electricity and gas to heat and cool our homes.

3.     Fugitive Emissions – Albert and Saskatchewan are moving aggressively with policies intended to reduce fugitive methane emissions by 50%.

Climate Renovation Saskatchewan Style

Anyone who has taken on a renovation project knows it is not always easy and attention to detail is a very big part of the success.  Climate change is not hard.  It is a renovation project on a larger scale.  We know what we are up against so it is time to roll up our sleeves in our ‘Saskatchewan way’ and get it done.

We would love to hear your thoughts.  You can reach us at [email protected]




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