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RadiantLink floor warming

15 Feb Five reasons you need heated floors in your house – resale, luxury, therapy, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Wrapping your home in warmth with RadiantLink will build lots of positives into your home At RadiantLink, we want to remove the ‘unknowns’ of infloor heating and show you how easy it is to build luxury, comfort, and a positive resale value into your home. Wrapping your home in warmth is what we do.  We create the warmth which give you...

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25 Jan Do It Yourself Project – In-Wall Hydronic Radiant Heating

Do It Yourself Project – In-Wall Hydronic Radiant Heating In-wall Hydronic heating With RadiantLink We own a small bungalow of 900 square feet which was built in 1952. The basement was dated and cold. We took the opportunity to warm up the space with a hydronic radiant heating system using RadiantLink and the furnace. Instead of installing the pex piping in...

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09 Jan Dreaming of a new bathroom? Create ‘Bare Foot’ living in your bathroom renovation with Heated Floors

Create ‘Bare-Foot’ living in your new bathroom?  It is possible with in-floor heating? Cold bathroom floors, tubs and towel rakes are a thing of the past.   It is okey to expect the comfort of warmth at an affordable price.  We at RadiantLink believe in dreaming big – small shifts do create big impacts. Dream big –  are you tired of cold floors...

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05 Jan How much does in-floor warming or radiant heating cost in Sk

 What is the cost to install RadiantLink to warm your basement or garage floors? Every new home construction or renovation project is unique.  It is best to get two or three quotes for a system to warm your floors.    We have four contractors in Regina ready to help you with this step.  See our blog on our contractors Contractors who Install RadiantLink...

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