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About Us

Our Story

The RadiantLink concept was designed by MacPherson Engineering, a Western Canadian firm based out of Saskatchewan. The team of engineers recognized the inherent problem associated with heating a basement by traditional means, using a forced air furnace. Determined to find a better way, they began prototyping their own iteration of radiant heating in the form of a hybrid system. The product transfers a small amount of heat from an existing furnace to the floors, creating a home wrapped in warmth.  After successful creation of the product, they realized it was actually quite simple to use, affordable to install and most of all – energy efficient. Since then, they have been successfully selling and installing the product across Canada for both residential and commercial customers.


2014 LEED Silver Award AODBT Project

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in 150 countries.


We won this award working with AODBT Architecture + Design who required a larger office space. In 2009, the firm purchased an existing 1973   13,400 ft2 inner-city warehouse in Saskatchewan, Canada and renovated it. The project featured 7 high efficiency condensing furnaces, each equipped with the RadiantLink. For this project the pex piping was embedding in the walls.


2012 ASHRAE Technology Award – Honorable Mention Category I – Commercial Buildings

ASHRAE recognizes the outstanding achievement in the design and operation of energy-efficient buildings.