RadiantLink | Hydronic Infloor Heating for the Cottage – Comfort, Size and Cost do matter
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Hydronic Infloor Heating for the Cottage – Comfort, Size and Cost do matter

08 Apr Hydronic Infloor Heating for the Cottage – Comfort, Size and Cost do matter

If you are building a new cottage or planning on renovating, we at RadiantLink are here to help you with designing your infloor heating systems.  For concrete floor or basement applications, we can also help you to use the cool concrete to cool the rest of the cottage.  Creating comfort for your cottage is what we specialize in.

RadiantLink hydronic heating and floor warming

Comfort Matters

The concept of infloor heating and drawing cooling from the floor is very new in Canada.  For questions to ask your contractor about heated floors or hydronic heating please see our blog Hydronic floor heating vs electric floor heating.

Designing your HVAC system to take advantage of the energy efficiency such as infloor heating and infloor cooling will reduce your energy bills.   The less energy needed to go a great job means more money in your pocket.

It all comes down to math.  Radiant heat transfer is based on the difference in surface temperatures of the heating surface (the floor) and the heated surface (your body).  Using hydronics to deliver the heat to the floor is much more efficient than using forced air to deliver the heat to the space.

For example: to deliver 500,000 BTU/hr energy: forced air requires 14 HP and water requires 1.5HP.

Creating comfort includes heated tubs, towel racks and possibly tile floors.   See our Blog Dreaming of a new bathroom? Create ‘Bare Foot’ living in your bathroom renovation with Heated Floors

RadiantLink Hydonic Heating

Size Matters especially at the Cottage

At RadiantLink, we are very proud of the fact that we do not consume a great deal of space for our infloor heating equipment.  Cottages are about having fun and creating family gatherings.  Consuming large amounts of wall space with HVAC equipment is not always possible in the cottage.  Space really matters.

RadiantLink has two pieces of equipment.  The first is the coil which will sit neatly above your furnace and the AC coil and the second is the control panel which will be mounted on the wall next to the furnace and will take up less than 60 cm x 60 cm x 25 cm.  The above image shows our control panel and the manifolds.  At RadiantLink, we understand that the amount of space the HVAC system requires does matter.


Cost Matters when designing HVAC systems for a cottage

Infloor heating and  cooling are often thought to be luxury items.  That was until RadiantLink came along.   RadiantLink provides supplemental heating and cooling that is affordable.  Please see our blog How much does in-floor warming or radiant heating cost in Sk .  You will be surprised how affordable we are.


Relaxing matters at the cottage

RadiantLink sits neatly above your furnace.  The furnace and RadiantLink work together to deliver comfort to your cottage.  That connection to the furnace creates a system that requires less maintenance when compared to other infloor heating systems. In Saskatchewan, over 70% of homes use a furnace for a reason – the price is right and it’s easy to maintain.   With those 10 amazing weekends a year at the cottage – managing fun is far more important than managing your HVAC system.


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